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Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:20 pm

Not been on ss for a good while now. Lurked from time to time but never forgotten. Got my self a 54 plate gv1600 the other day to make into a laning truck. Been a while since iv driven, touched, owned a zook. So its baby steps again from here. Its in std guise at this moment. It does sport a set of 235 60 16 insa turbo all terrains. I plan to do a 1.5 inch lift, fit a snorkel, tint the windows and upgrade the lighting (cree led bar etc) and change the wheels to modulars. Main aim is to keep the vehicle as simple as possible mechanically for longetivity. Went out sunday and did 200 odd mile trip a lot of it off road. Was impressed how it handled the lanes as std. However i did struggle occasionally in high centred ground. My mate in his jimny did fine as he had a 2" lift. Look forward to making use of this forum again for advice. :)
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