Jimny Based Trialer

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Jimny Based Trialer

Post by methylether » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:58 pm


Im building a trialer to compete in a national trials series and have a couple of questions that I'm hoping you guys can help with.

I used to trial a Jimny before and really liked how nimble it is, so I am building a single seat jimny based trialer.

I have a rolling chassis on the way with engine(early g13bb I believe) but the most important question that i have is what do I need from inside the body?

I know I'll need the key / ignition barrel, clocks, ecu, immobiliser aerial and fuse box but what else should I get from the body? Is there anything else that I need that means it won't run without?

I've built a Landrover based trialer using a rover v8 so the fabrication / wiring is no problem, but I'm not too familiar whit what's required electronically for everything to work.



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