Getting softer, Sami to Vit and now RAV4

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Getting softer, Sami to Vit and now RAV4

Post by SlimJim8v » Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:16 am

As I've found myself doing less and less offroading, I went from a Sami to a Vit and now defected (sorry) to a RAV4.

Although on paper it has similar ground clearance to my old Vit, the sump is right at the end of that ground clearance :shock:
It is permanent 4x4, which is good and has a centre diff lock. Independent suspension all around though means little flex. It has ABS, aircon and 16v with 126bhp though :)
I'm gonna fit BFG ATs to it though, which should help.

Only had it a few weeks, but first impressions are;
much better onroad,
can accelerate on motorways,
doesn't feel as stable at speed, but has cheap, nasty tyres.

Not tried it offroad, as I don't know any lanes here yet.

New and old together. The Vit went to a local guy who knocked on the door, who works on a farm and had a Sami.


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