First impressions of greenlaning my GV

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Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:53 pm

Bit of backstory: As most of you probably know, I used to have a NATO green short wheelbase Vitara named the RatBastard which I really liked. Okay, so that's a lie, I hated it. Well the engine anyway, most of the rest of the truck I really liked, just never liked that diesel engine. After the blowing it up for the second time, I got shut of the truck, and was 4x4less for a while. Wasn't long before the bug was biting again, so I text a mate who occasionally sells Vitaras to see if he had one for sale. I was thinking swb mk1 Vit with a petrol engine, but he said he'd got a long wheelbase GV for sale, so I hauled ass up to his to have a look at it. I'd recently looked at one as my family car, but dismissed it because it was too small, and ended up buying a Zafira. That meant this could be my 'toy', as my Vitaras have always been in the past, so it fit the bill nicely and a deal was done.
I drove it bone stock for the first year and did many miles in it, and it took me and the wife on many camping trips. When it came to MOT time it failed on a balljoint and front bushes, so I decided to mod it, and bought a full 3" Black Raptor lift kit from JimnyBits, along with a set of 4xfourart front control arms, and this was all fitted by Vitara_mad for me. It was then fitted with a set of 235/70 16 Kingpin Amazon mud terrains. Damn, it looked awesome.

Then it was time to take it off road. Matt, Nacho001 on here, was doing a greenlaning and camping weekend in Wales, and I was invited along. From the very first lane we did I was really impressed with it, it feels very secure on the ground, it doesn't seem to get thrown around nearly as much as the previous short wheelbase trucks did, and it took everything in its stride. Once on to one of the later lanes (Strata Florida) it became clear that maybe I really should have aired down, but I'll be honest, as the rest of the group aired down it was pishing it down and I couldn't be bothered to get soaked. It still coped with everything, and effortlessly drove through everything I pointed it at, but it would probably have been a lot more comfortable with less pressure in the tyres. I'll air down next time, as long as it isn't raining.

All in all very impressed, and very happy with it. I love the way the seats fold into a bed, and when on my own I sleep in the truck and usually have a really good night's sleep. Still a few things it needs, like longer rear bump stops and a snorkel to name a couple, but I'm over the moon with the way it performed and the way it looks. Bring on more camping trips.
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