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Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:37 pm

Hiya everyone. I just got a 2002 grand vitara Auto with the Peugeot RHZ 8 valve engine with 151000 on the clock. At the mo, the engine isn't function right as it seems to prefer the CEL (check engine light) is on and comes back on after it has been cleared. I have inspected the egr system, turbo, intercooler, and inlet manifold and they are all very oily. I also noticed that the inlet manifold and pipes has constant white fumes when the engine is running or for a short period after I switch it off so am presuming defective turbo seals and a very gunky inlet. That's the engine side. The vehicle whines when driving at 45 mph and above. I have checked and topped up front and rear axle oils 75w/90 & 80w/90 respectively but can't get the transfer case nuts off so maybe next weekend. The steering can't seem to stay on a straight line as it wonders between the road grooves if you know what I mean. The rear brakes are shot and all switches and trims are intact and working excluding the A/C. Its in a poor state that needs some good old elbow grease to sort it out. I need advice as to what direction I go about turning it into a mud eating 4x4. On the engine I want between 150 - 250 bhp. I know the RHZ can cope with 150ish with front intercooler egr delete ecu remap and the unsolved question which turbo? K03 turbo am sure will keep the egt high due to restricted flow, any advice will be greatly apprecisted on the turbo upgrade. A new k03 cost abt £200-350. I would prefer a better flowing turbo cos I will be mounting a 600x300x75mm intercooler infront with electric fans. Or does anyone know if the Mercedes om601 will fit the zook autobox. Anyone with a pix of the gearbox bellhousing ? Now on to the suspension and transmission and axles... I will befitting 33" tyres... For the front am thinking of an SAS or modifying the IFS. The objective to have a longer travel suspension and I would love to use the Toyota hilux 4.8 diffs with this setup ... hp?t=19571.." onclick=";return false;. I thought of calmini suspension but not just feeling it with the harsh ride highly on many forums... Every advice will be considered provided it won't cost me an arm. Cheers
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