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Anything to do with the Vitara Series
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A very Special Boy
A very Special Boy
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Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:46 pm

Took my Vit in for MOT last week, and came away with a severe down turny mouth. :(
Seems the tinworm has been feasting on my truck since its last MOT, so got a few things to sort out. Chiefly the sills, the rear seatbelt mounting areas and (hopefully only) one body mount need replacing/rebuilding. I was a bit surprised about the rear seatbelt mounts as my truck has no rear seats in it, but the tester guy said he had to fail it because I could just go home and bolt seats into it.
After a brief spell of considering not bothering repairing it and just breaking it, as I can't weld and I was honestly a little worried about the work, I've decided to get it done, but instead of just patching the sills I'm building a set of heavy duty sills with incorporated tubular rock sliders. Ok, so I'm building might be a 'little' misleading, more accurately I'm having built heavy duty sills/rocksliders. A mate of mine own a coachworks company just up the road, and he's doing the work for me. I'm picking up the material to do the sills on Friday, and it's going in to be done next week.
I've wanted to do the sills for a while anyway, so I just took the MOT failure as the kick up the jacksie I needed to actually get around to doing them. And I've always fancied the idea of incorporated tubular sliders, even if only because it'll look a bit different.
The rear seat belt mounts will just get patched, and do away with the mounting holes all together as it's never getting rear seats in it again. I was a bit worried about the body mount, but my mate looked at it and was like, "Meh, easy job!" Yay for people who know what they're doing.
I've got a deadline of the three weeks time as I want to take it to Brooem's pay, play and bar-b-q in Wales on the 28th.

I did this thread mainly because it's been quiet on here of late, but I'll take a load of pics of the build and do a bit of a thread for that as well.

Thanks for reading, laters.
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Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:58 pm

Damn tinworm. Kudos to you for saving the vit!!

mud and diesel wrote: ...turns out ive got a robins nest in my overalls, with a chick in so im going to have to leave the little sod for the next 2 weeks
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Mud Mad
Mud Mad
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Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:34 pm

Hope to see pictures of those sills when they are done. Hapy working, or... err... happy poinnting with your index finger at least :mrgreen:
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Mud Mad
Mud Mad
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Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:10 pm

Good to see you not giving up on her matey

This was mine when i had a bit of rust and didnt want to scrap it =))


Shame the MOT tester failed it for seat mounting points when he should not of, because you always carry out a MOT test on a vehicle as it was presented on the day not what could happen when you get the car home!
Never mind tho you might as well do it anyway mate.

Do it once and do it properly make sure you cut all the rot out else you'l be doing it again in 12 months matey :-bd
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Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:03 pm

One way to get rid of the rust...


Wandered off as it's so quiet... You know where I am if you want me... Dave :(
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