Couple questions about gearing

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Playing in the mud
Playing in the mud
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Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:38 pm

After a bit of a pause in offloading i want to start again and fix up my suzuki.
Mods so far:
5cm bodylift.
Standard shock spoa with diy steering mod.
30 inch muds that are almost gone (mot failed)
G16A carbed
Got a bit of rust but nothing major (sills, driversside floor, front wings and arches)

I only have 2 issues and those can be tackled at once.
Front diff is broken after towing it and forgot that the axle was dry but the biggest problem is the new tires.
Ive ordered a set of recip trails 31-10.5-15 but they are a bit over 32 inches and i know this isnt going to be fun on the stock gearing.

Got 2 options and need advice which option would be the best.
Option 1: vitara R&P's (need to open up the front diff anyway)
Option 2: 416 transfercase and repair the front diff.

Do i need any extra strengthening for the 416 TC?

Another thing for the near future would be a snorkel but as I have the vitara carb and airfilter box mounted that also posed a tiny issue.
The store bought snorkels are at the right side of the vehicle but the inlet to the air filter sits to the left side.
Any ideas how to diy the air inlet pipes to the air filter?
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